Harvesting Process

Harvesting typically occurs from late April through mid-June. The delicate nature of Vidalia onions means they must be predominately harvested by hand. To ensure consistent quality, the Georgia Department of Agriculture worked with the Georgia Federal-State Inspection Service, a third-party crop inspection service, to create and implement the Vidalia Onion Quality Control Inspection Service.

Once they reach maturity in the fields, Vidalia onions undergo a nine-step process before reaching grocery stores.

  • Undercut onions to unearth
  • Cure (air dry) for 2-3 days
  • Clip off tops and roots
  • Bag in burlap sacks or bins
  • Transport to warehouse
  • Dry in industrial drying rooms
  • Grade for quality
  • Bag or box
  • Ship

Love those Vidalia onions; hate to see the season end.

- S. Swartz. Largo, FL