Flavor and Taste

Why Vidalia Onions are the Favorite Among Chefs

Vidalia onions are considered by many chefs to be the “premium” among sweet onions. That’s because the sweet flavor of the Vidalia yellow granex seed variety is best in its class when it comes to quality. This variety undergoes a minimum of three years of testing before it can possibly be approved as Vidalia seed. Perfected seed combined with the low sulfur soil unique to southeast Georgia creates the one and only sweet Vidalia onion.


Vidalia onions are very versatile and can be used to add flavor and sweetness to a wide variety of chef-inspired recipes from salads to side items, to dressings, dips and even desserts.


The increasing popularity of multicultural menu items both at home and in restaurants holds unlimited possibility for Vidalia onions sales. These premium sweet onions have proven ethnic appeal.

Easily Processed

Vidalias height-to-width ratio can easily accommodate the processing industry for popular products like onion rings.


My favorite is a hamburger in a bun with the thickest slice of Vidalia onion. The slice is always, always bigger than the burger.

- Mrs. Pauline Carosi, devoted fan from Florida