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The Sweet Versatility of Vidalia Onions

Chef’s Choices on the Menu

From Krystal burgers to steakhouse chains, television personality establishments to the crème de la crème of the culinary world, Vidalias are visible on menus!

Featuring Vidalias in salads:

Making every slurp of soup a pure delight:

A sweet twist using Vidalias and peirogies:

Building a better burger:

Perfecting Grouper a la Plancha with Vidalia sweetness:

Putting the perfect touch on a delicious tart:

Adding a touch of sweetness to a southern favorite:

Vidalia Stuffed with Lamb and Apricots:

The Vidalia soup and sandwich:

Add the sweet flavor of Vidalia to tangy barbeque sauce:


It’s hard to imagine civilization without onions.

- Julia Child