Onion display

Storage & Handling

These premium sweet onions can bruise easily, so proper handling is important to ensure a high quality display.

Reduce Shrink with Proper Storage:

  • Maintaining the right storage conditions for Vidalia onions will go a long way towards increasing shelf life and preventing shrink:
  • Maintain storage temperature of 45 – 55 °F
  • Provide 70 – 75% relative humidity with good air circulation
  • Keep onions dry

To Prevent Bruising:

  • Don’t throw, toss or drop bags or boxes
  • Don’t stack bags over 5 feet high
  • Carefully pile onions into the displays
  • Don’t dump them into display bins

To Prevent Decay

  • Remove onions that are bruised, cut or already rotting
  • Keep onions dry and cool
  • Rotate, rotate, rotate!

Peru is a beautiful country to visit, but a “Vidalia” is a Vidalia. If they’re not home grown in Vidalia, onions just don’t taste the same.

- Joe Boris. Boris Photography, Atlanta.